The Centre @ UGhent

Ferdinand M. Vieider, Director

Position: Research Professor in Applied Microeconomics, Ghent University

Interests: Behavioural Economics; Development Economics; Bayesian Statistics

Expertise: Cross-country comparison; policy evaluation; field experiments



Ranoua Bouchouicha

Position: Assistant Professor in Behavioural Finance, Ghent University

Interests: Behavioural Finance, Corporate Finance, Behavioural Economics

Expertise: Finance, Real estate economics, Survey Data


Jilong Wu

Position: PhD student, Ghent University

Interests: Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty

The Network

Mohammed Abdellaoui, Co-Director

Position: Research Professor in Economics and Decision Science, HEC Paris

Interests: Decision theory, Decision Analysis, Multi-objective decision making

Expertise: Belief and preference elicitation under uncertainty and over time, Bayesian statistics and applications in decision modelling and risk assessment


Thomas Epper

Position: Assistant Professor of Economics, University of St.-Gallen

Interests: Decision theory and applications; risk, ambiguity and time preferences;

Expertise: ; Applied microeconometrics, Insurance/information economics, markets and institutions; experimental economics


Cédric Gutierrez-Moreno

Position: Assistant Professor of Management and Technology, Bocconi University

Interests: Beliefs, overconfidence, market entry, entrepreneurship

Expertise: Organizational design, field and lab experiments


Emmanuel Kemel

Position: Research Professor in Economics and Decision Science, HEC Paris

Interests: Risk and Time preferences, Discrete choice econometrics, Transport economics

Expertise: Evaluation of public policies, Elicitation os Beliefs and Risk Preferences


Tiphaine Saltini

Position: CEO @ Neuroprofiler

Interests: decision biases; psychology; financial education; investor protection

Expertise: asset management; micro-credit; entrepreneurship


Arjan Verschoor

Position: Professor of Economics, University of East Anglia

Interests: decision-making under risk; household finance; cognition and attention;

Expertise: Field experiments, surveys and qualitative research methods in developing countries


Erik Wengström

Position: Professor of Economics, Lund University

Interests: Decision-making under Uncertainty; Intra-household Allocation of Resources;
Behavioural Development Economics

Expertise: design of incentive schemes; social capital; cooperation; design of field and lab experiments